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Understanding The Legal Separation Process

Legal separation offers married couples a means of clearly and concisely laying out each spouse’s rights and responsibilities as they move into more separate lives. The same questions that are answered during a divorce proceeding are answered in a legal separation, however, the marriage remains legally intact. A legally separated couple can pursue a divorce at a later time if they so choose.

Major issues such as the following can be answered by filing for a legal separation:

A legal separation is advantageous for those who wish to remain married for:

  • Religious reasons
  • To maintain insurance coverage for a spouse
  • Tax issues

Given the importance of the decisions that are made during the legal separation process, it is essential that you have qualified legal representation that is able to help you understand and navigate the process.

Certified Legal Specialists in Family Law

At Thompson Thompson Valladolid, we offer our clients decades of combined experience that we rely on to help guide our clients through the difficult times they are facing. We can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages legal separation offers over divorce. If legal separation is the right choice for you, we can help you protect your best interests and effectively pursue your goals through the legal separation process.

Attorneys Thompson Thompson Valladolid C. Thompson and Blake D. Thompson are both board-certified family law specialists. Our firm is committed to providing the highest levels of family law representation to our clients.

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