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Ensuring Children Receive The Financial Support They Need

In California, child support levels are determined using a formula contained in the state guidelines. The formula looks at a variety of factors to arrive at an appropriate child support determination. Factors that are considered in the formula include:

  • Both parties’ gross income
  • The amount of time each parent spends with the child
  • Expenses (health care, education, etc,)
  • Allowable deductions or expenses

While the formula seems very straightforward, it is not. There are opportunities to tailor your individual child support levels to accurately reflect your situation. One common situation where a more detailed approach needs to be taken includes parents who have independent sources of income such as contractors and small-business owners. Interpreting actual income can be a challenge in such situations. There is also the ability to factor in the effect that new children may have on the calculation as well as travel expenses necessary to facilitate custodial times.

It is important that you secure the representation of an attorney who understands the guidelines and how to make them work for you and your situation.

Certified Legal Specialists in Family Law

At Thompson Thompson Valladolid, we have decades of combined experience that we rely on to help us provide our clients with the strongest representation. We know that appropriately setting child support levels can be critical to the financial stability of both parents’ households. This makes the issue of determining child support levels one that we encourage people to reach out for experienced help on.

Attorneys Thompson Thompson Valladolid C. Thompson and Blake D. Thompson both have extensive experience serving the family law needs of our area. They are both board-certified family law specialists. They were able to earn that distinction by providing exceptional family law representation to our clients.

Are Paternity Issues Part Of Your Child Support Determination?

If paternity has not already been established by some other means, it must be determined before child support can be awarded to the appropriate parent.

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