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Make the right choice in a family law attorney
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Helping You Successfully Navigate The Divorce Process

Divorce is a difficult transition for everyone. Emotions often run high and can impede the ability to make the most wise choices. It is essential that the decisions you make during your divorce are based on laying a solid foundation for the next chapter of your life. Divorce is much more than the end of a marriage; it is the process by which you begin building the life you will begin living after your divorce.

Having skilled and experienced legal guidance to help you understand the impact those decisions will have can ensure that you are able to effectively navigate the divorce process. It also can help remove some of the emotional volatility of divorce. A good family law attorney can help you make smart choices that will work for you for years to come. Issues that will be decided during your divorce include:

  • Child custody and visitation — Legal and physical custody, sole and shared custody arrangements and terms of visitation
  • Child support — Paternity determinations, child support amount determinations, support order modifications and enforcement
  • Alimony/spousal support — Petitions for spousal support, spousal support modifications
  • Property division Division of marital property, assets and debts, the effect of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement

By securing the representation of a seasoned family law litigator, you can add a degree of certainty to an uncertain situation. We are proud of the help we are able to offer people during such difficult times.

Certified Legal Specialists In Family Law

At Thompson Thompson Valladolid, our attorneys have decades of combined experience that we rely on to guide our clients through the divorce process. We will identify your goals, and develop a strategy to secure the resolution you need to issues such as child custody and child support. Attorneys Thompson Thompson Valladolid c. Thompson and Blake D. Thompson are both board-certified family law specialists. We help our clients not only to understand the process, but to make the most of it as well.

During our years of helping people through the challenges of divorce, we have earned a reputation in the courts and the community for providing exceptional representation that we are proud of. We are dedicated to continuing to build that reputation with every new person we help.

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Do not face the challenges of divorce without effective guidance and advocacy. Turn to the skilled and experienced family law attorneys of Thompson Thompson Valladolid. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our Southern California family law lawyers, call toll free at 800-448-8856 or contact us online.