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On the most basic level, why do you need a prenuptial agreement?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Many couples in California spend a lot of time planning their weddings. And they spend quite a bit of money on their weddings too. Of course, this is all justified because a wedding is supposed to be a joyous time for the couple and their family members. When couples take the time to do just a bit more planning by having a prenuptial agreement drafted, they might be doing themselves a big favor in the long run.

But, on the most basic level, why would soon-to-be-married couples need prenuptial agreements? Just the term itself, or “prenup” for short, is often enough to put a damper on the whole enterprise of marriage. Some people think that by having a prenup drafted they are “planning for failure.” That isn’t exactly true.

On a fundamental level, a prenup does provide plans for what might happen in the event of a divorce ending the marriage. But, the process of drafting this document often helps couples define their own possessions and assets and, in many cases, helps them determine what is important to them from a financial perspective.

There may need to be some clear boundaries on finances which, over the course of a marriage, could actually lead to less friction than there might be with uncertainty clouding the couple’s finances.

Finding your approach

Prenuptial agreements can be a touchy subject, to say the least. An attorney can help you find an approach that is best for your particular circumstances. For more information, please visit the prenuptial agreement overview section the law firm’s website.