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When is it possible to change child custody?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Custody & Visitation |

Changing a child custody order is something that may come up for many parents over the years following a divorce. The situation that the divorce parents were in at the beginning of the divorce may not necessarily be the situation that they are in several years later. Divorced parents may want to know when it may be possible to modify a child custody order and what modifications are based on.

When can I modify the child custody order?

Although it is probably not a common occurrence, it is possible for parents who have a finalized child custody order to request and be granted a modification of that order. It is not completely set in stone; changing child custody following a child custody order may be possible under certain circumstances.

To successfully obtain a child custody modification, the parent requesting the modification must show that circumstances have changed significantly since the final child custody order or visitation order was entered and that the modification is in the best interests of the child.

Children need consistency to flourish

In general, it is best for children to have a consistent custody arrangement with their parents, which is why a final custody order will only be modified if it is what is best for the child. Over time, certain situations may have developed for the divorced parents that will affect the child custody/visitation arrangement that the parents have between them. If those changes affect the child, the parents have the right to revisit the arrangement so that the child remains happy and so that the child gets what they need.

It is important for any parent seeking a child custody modification to follow the family law process in place to help them make the request. Family law resources can help parents who are seeking to establish a child custody order as well as those seeking to modify one that is already in place on the basis of changed circumstances and what is best for the child.