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During the divorce process, one of the key issues to be resolved is the division of the assets and liabilities the couple has accumulated over the course of the marriage. In the state of California, property is divided evenly with certain exceptions. Property that was acquired before the marriage and gifts or inheritance to an individual spouse are considered separate property as opposed to community property unless action has been taken, which may change the characterization of the property from individual ownership to joint ownership.

Some of the most common assets that need to be considered and characterized in a division of property include:

  • Homes
  • Retirement accounts
  • Investments
  • Bank accounts
  • Businesses

Proper valuation of a business and understanding how to divide a business or otherwise share the value it represents can be very challenging. We utilize outside experts such as forensic accountants to help us arrive at appropriate business values.

It is important that your contributions to the marriage are recognized and valued. Securing the representation of a skilled family law attorney can help ensure that the division of property is resolved appropriately.

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At Thompson & Thompson, our attorneys have decades of combined experience that allows us to provide our clients with the highly effective representation they need. We understand the complexities of asset division and how important it can be to an individual's ability to move forward with his or her life after divorce with a degree of financial stability. Attorneys Byron Thompson and Blake Thompson are board-certified family law specialists. We offer an exceptional level of skill and experience in family law that our clients value.

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